A collection of presentations and talks, most likely on Security and Software Development.

Workshop - Cloud-Native Microservices Security Bootcamp (Sec4Dev 2020 Wien)

All developers today are also DevSecOps engineers even if they are not aware of it. In this Bootcamp, you will learn how to secure cloud-native Java microservices.

February 2020

Talk - Kubernetes und Container – Aber Sicher! (Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2020)

Mit dem Siegeszug von Kubernetes ist auch der Java Entwickler vollends im DevOps-Zeitalter angekommen. Neben der eigentlichen Entwicklung muss dieser sich u.a. mit Netzwerken, Containern, Ingress-Controllern, Load-Balancern, Nodes, Services und Pods beschäftigen.

February 2020

Hands-On Lab - Securing Microservices with OpenID Connect and Spring Security 5 (Devoxx Belgium 2019 Antwerp)

Have you ever wondered what the heck is OpenID Connect and how it differs from OAuth 2.0? Are Grant Types, Flows, JOSE, JWT or JWK unknown beings for you? Then this workshop is a great opportunity for you to get to know all these things by getting your hands dirty in code using Spring Security 5.

November 2019

Talk - Spring Cloud on Kubernetes (Spring I/O 2019 Barcelona)

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are great in helping building cloud-native Java or Kotlin applications. Using Spring Cloud components like Discovery Service, API Gateway or the Config Server have improved the experience in the cloud to a big extent. With the rise of Kubernetes, this has changed.

May 2019

Talk - Manage Distributed Secrets in Applications on Cloud Foundry With Spring Cloud Vault (CloudFoundry Summit EU 2017 Basel)

Running multiple instances of spring boot based microservices on CloudFoundry is widely adopted these days. But what about your secrets? Do you spread all values using application local property files? Do you still store secrets in clear text?.

October 2017
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